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Re: any idea what this is all about

Am Sonntag, den 12.12.2004, 20:42 +1100 schrieb david:
> 16mb for bootdrive: fat32
> 120gb for winxp: ntfs
> 37gb empty for linux
> i boot from cd, everything goes well until the screen to partition the
> drive;

wondering, what is going on. But perhaps you may proceed as follows:

-  boot from the first Fedora CD in rescue mode (type linux rescue at
the boot prompt.

- on the shell start fdisk and delete all partitions:
  -  fdisk  /dev/hda     starts the program
  -  p                   shows the current partition table
  -  d                   asks, which partition to delete
                         (or o to create a new, empty one)

- proceed with
  - n      to create a new, primary partition for windows
           select ntfs as partition type (key value 7)
  - n      to create another partition onto the rest of the
           harddisk, select linux (83) as partition type,
           use a primary partition again!

- exit the program ( "w" ) und exit the shell / shutdown

- boot the windows installation disk and install as usual.
  Windows should usw the first created partition.

- check, if windows is correctly installed and works as
  desired (if desired at all  :-) )

- if windows insists to create its partition by itself,
  modify the above procedure : create the 2 partitions and
  then delete the first one after having created the second.
  (otherwise windows may occupy the complete disk, depends on
  the variant of its installation program)

- if everything works ok so far, boot the Fedora rescue mode
  again, start fdisk /dev/hda and use
  p  to check, if the partition table is ok and both
     partitions do exist as specified previously
  d  to delete the second, empty (spare) partition (which
     has been a placeholder until now)
  w  to exit and save the changes

- reboot and start the Fedora install program, select
  manual partitioning and create partitions as appropriate:
  hda2  about 30-50 mb and select /boot as mount point
  hda3  about  8-10 gb and select /     as mount point
  hda4  as a logical partition
  hda5  as appropriate and select /home as mount point
  hda6  as swap, usually same size as your memory

proceed with the installation. Fedora will recognize your windows
partition and set up grub so you can choose between windows and Fedora.

hope it will work for you


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