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Re: recommended mpeg player for FC3?

On 12/12/2004 05:09:53 PM, Robert P. J. Day wrote:

what's the best choice for an MPEG player for FC3? my first attempt
at using totem caused it to fail to open a standard MPEG file, and
poking around in bugzilla and a couple fedora forums suggests that
totem is still pretty buggy.

Totem works extremely well for me - you just need the plugins handle mpeg


The totem that comes with Fedora works well, but if installing a newer totem makes you feel better -


I've found that it does error messages a little better, though it doesn't do anything the Fedora version doesn't (that I have found anyway).

If you still don't want to use totem, then xine or mplayer both work well. They can be had from rpm.livna.org

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