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Fedora Core 3 Crashes During Installation

While attempting to upgrade a FC2 installation on my
Dell Dimension 4600, I reach the point where it says
"Transferring image to hard drive", then, after the
next message, "Preparing RPM installation", anaconda
crashes after completing about 12% of the installation.
I also noticed the following warning during installing:

 warning: package kernel = 2.6.9-1.667 was already added, replacing
 with kernel <= 2.6.9-1.667

This occurred twice in graphical install mode, and
once in text mode.  I'm using the DVD media, and
the checksum passed:

  antares:/downloads> md5sum FC3-i386-DVD.iso
  ca49964739f84848ca78fc03662272fb  FC3-i386-DVD.iso

Also, the media check prior to the installation passed.
I read in the FAQ to try and use several parameters
during the installation like "linux ide=nodma" and
"linux acpi=off", etc.  I don't believe this will
work, since FC1 and FC2 installed on this same
computer with no problems whatsoever.  I was going to
try and rebuild my RPM database, to see if that helped.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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