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Re: Fedora Core 3 Crashes During Installation

On Mon, 13 Dec 2004 00:19:57 -0500, Bernard Barton <bfb21 comcast net> wrote:
> While attempting to upgrade a FC2 installation on my
> Dell Dimension 4600, I reach the point where it says
> "Transferring image to hard drive", then, after the
> next message, "Preparing RPM installation", anaconda
> crashes after completing about 12% of the installation.
> I also noticed the following warning during installing:
>   warning: package kernel = 2.6.9-1.667 was already added, replacing
>   with kernel <= 2.6.9-1.667

Looks like your FC2 install had an updated kernel.  There have been a
couple of kernel upgrades for FC3, so the one you are installing is
older than the newest FC2 one.

> This occurred twice in graphical install mode, and
> once in text mode.  I'm using the DVD media, and
> the checksum passed:
>    antares:/downloads> md5sum FC3-i386-DVD.iso
>    ca49964739f84848ca78fc03662272fb  FC3-i386-DVD.iso
> Also, the media check prior to the installation passed.
> I read in the FAQ to try and use several parameters
> during the installation like "linux ide=nodma" and
> "linux acpi=off", etc.  I don't believe this will
> work, since FC1 and FC2 installed on this same
> computer with no problems whatsoever.  I was going to
> try and rebuild my RPM database, to see if that helped.
> Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Are you opposed to trying a fresh install instead of an upgrade?  I'd
suggest backing up as much as possible.  Hopefully you have a seperate
/home partition, and that would not need to be backed up (just be
careful how you partition your disk, should probably use manual
partitioning).  I'd tar up your /etc folder to save any configuration
files you might want to look at after the install.  Of course,
anything else you might want should be saved.  I'll always suggest a
clean install over an upgrade unless you have done massive amounts of
configuration or software additions.  This should solve your problem
if it has anything to do with the RPM database or already installed


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