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Re: [NIS]: a small problem with NIS

On Mon, Dec 13, 2004 at 02:09:45AM +0100, AlilouLinux wrote:
> Good morning the groupe,
> I have a small problem with NIS. In a sation (or server), when I type this
> commande "ypcat hosts", I get this answer: "No such map hosts.byname.
> Reason: internal error in NIS"
> Did you know where is the proble?
Is there a hosts.byname database or not. These are created by lines in
the MAKEFILE in /var/yp.
It is not clear that using NIS to retreive passwds, hosts , etc on
your server from your server is a terrific idea. It is certainly not
> ********************
> NB:
> domain name: nis.a22.TPnis
> ip of the nis server :
> I have created the file /var/yp/nis.a22.TPnis
> I have added to /etc/yp.conf:
>     nis.a22.TPnis   server
>     ypserver
> I have added to /etc/sysconfig/network:
>     NISDOMAIN="nis.a22.TPnis"
> created /etc/domainname and added it this line:
>     nis.a22.TPnis
> typed the following command: "domainname nis.a22.TPnis"
> added the following lines to /et/ypserv.conf:
>     #host    :domain    :map    :security    :passwdmangle
>     10.172.52.    :*    :passwd.byname    :port    :yes
>     10.172.52.    :*    :passwd.byuid    :port    :yes
> I have donne
>     /usr/lib/yp/ypinit -m
> created the file "/var/yp/securenets" with this content
> created the maps
>     cd /var/yp/nis.a22.TPnis/
>     make -f ../Makefile all
> restart the daemons
>     ypserv  restart
>     yppasswdd restart
> when I type "domainname" I get this answer "nis.a22.TPnis"
> And when I type "ypwhch" I get "station_a22" (the name of my station which
> is in the same time my nis server)
> **********************
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