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question about md devices and kickstart config file

Say I have one disk in machine, but plan on adding second disk and doing mirroring some time after the initial install.

No problem, it is kind of possible to add mirroring afterwards.

However, is it possible to configure md devices on the first (single disk) and than simply add second disk?

The first idea was to create mirror in degraded mode, and have it running in degraded mode until second disk is installed. I believe that currently it is not possible to create RAID1 device with second disk missing. This is stupid limitation, but OK, that's how things are for now (on every other software RAID implementation I used to work with, it was possible to create mirrors in degraded mode, sigh).

Another idea was creating RAID0 or linear device with only one disk (since it would have only one device, data would be organized the same as if it was mirror), and than reconfiguring it to RAID1 device later. Has anybody attempted this? First, is it possible to created RAID0 or linear device with only one disk? Second, is it possible to reconfigure the device to RAID1 without loss of data?

The last idea was going with normal partitions (no md devices) but configuring everything not to use the last block (that will be used for md superblock). This would eliminate the "resize filesystem" step when converting to RAID1. If I understood correctly, md device will use last block (512 bytes physical disc block?) of partition. Is it possible to specify in ks.cfg file that file system created on the partition should be shorter for one block? What about LVM, is it possible to tell it not to use last block of physical partition?

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