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FC3 install on Adaptec 2410SA - Adaptec says NO

I have written several messages asking for help getting two systems with Adaptec 2410SA SATA RAID cards working with Fedora Core 3. Windows installs on these systems, and I was successful in running FC3 on a slightly different configuration of the exact same hardware (Only moved the hard drives from one into another) for several weeks. Despite that, with the current (necessary) configuration, the FC3 causes the on-card alarm to be triggered as soon as it gets to partitioning and reports that the drives are not readable.

Here is Adaptec's response:

The OS that you are using is not supported by this controller card.
The standard Fedora Core 2 kernel 2.6.5 , should though allow you to install, but Ralph there are I/O errors reported under heavy loads.
The newer 2.6.7 and 2.6.8 killed the aacraid completely are non-functioning as well.
I 2.6.9 (FC3) has not tested yet.
Driver and controller support is not provided for Fedora.
Changing motherboards and RAID type could definately have an impact on whether or not the installation was successful.

I don't know who Ralph is but the message is clear. This is not a good card for FC3. Based on my apparent success with the first card I purchased two more. All three will live on my shelf for the forseeable future, and I will order a 3Ware 8506-4LP to see how that works.

I hope this message saves somebody else the considerable aggravation that I went through with the Adaptec cards.


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