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Re: hostid gives identical values on all FC machines

Andrew Mather wrote:

This morning, someone went to get the hostids and found both machines
return identical values (7f0100).  I also tried on an FC3 machine
running on an i686 box and got the same return.

The ID you get is the result of

a) your system(s) not having a file /etc/hostid with a 4-byte value containing the host ID


b) the network setup being configured so that looking up the IP address for the machine returns on both machines.

The later I consider a bug in your installation. See what gethostname() reports and what the IP address associated with this name is. Maybe your systems are all called localhost? That'd be wrong, too.

Anyway, there is no good solution for all this other than creating /etc/hostid files. The old machines where this interface originates from had magic serial number or so. Commodity hardware doesn't have this (no, CPU serial numbers don't count).

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