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Re: my hosts

Am Mi, den 15.12.2004 schrieb fellons um 8:18:

> My FC2 (home.bear.net) have "lo" and "eth0" interfeaces.
> My network ip is;
> Broadcast is;
> IP of eth0 is
> The question:
> on my /etc/hosts I must to have:
> loalhost.localdomain ....
> home.bear.net ...              ?????
> If yes, why have only " loalhost.localdomain ...."   ?
> Ping with localhost, home.bear.net, 1192.168.0.1 answer me well.

So somewhere there must be the name <--> IP mapping. How did you
configure the ethernet device eth0? Using system-config-network will
place a proper entry into /etc/hosts.


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