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Re: Replace kernel with newer rpm on install?

Sam Varshavchik wrote:
J. Epperson writes:

Bug 135484. FC3 new install won't find drives at all; install FC2, then update results in completion of update, but unbootable system. How would you go about installing the RPM on an unbootable system?

Well, boot an FC2 install image, go to a shell, and mount the hard drive; chroot, then install the RPM.

Looks like my recollection was not correct--can't get FC3 media to boot the system because of the megaraid bug [The bug: FC3 does not include the megaraid legacy driver, and the latest LSI driver does not support older cards like the PERC 2/SC). Sam's suggestion would be applicable if I could get FC3 installed, even unbootable.

Any pointers on how to get FC3 installed so I can apply the rawhide kernel update? I tried booting the FC2 media and switching the disk out, but it won't let me. Booting FC2 rescue and trying to launch the install results in an error message that the install media version does not match the boot version. Trying to run the "autorun" script on disk 1 results in bogus errors that various packages are not installed (like mkinitrd!). I can conceptualize that the FC3 disk 1 iso could be unloaded and hacked with the later kernel setup, then reloaded, but I'd probably go through a spindle of CDs figuring it out, and they'd get to FC5 or FC6 in the mean time.

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