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Re: How to make a usbpen bootable?

On Wed, 15 Dec 2004 13:45:44 +0000, James Wilkinson
<james westexe demon co uk> wrote:
> xbupt-fedora yahoo com cn wrote:
> > I've asked the question a week ago, but have not got any input.
> >
> > Therefore, I ask again: How to copy the boodisk.img to a usbpen and make it bootable?
> > 
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Ok, I found the article.  It is from the December 20003 issue of LJ,
entitled 'Floppies for the New Millenium' by Rick Moen.  In it he
mentions using an Easy Disk brand USB flash drive.
Most of his examples went under his heading of 'mounting and managing
the flash drive' which is not the same as making it bootable.  Still
it may be good related information for you.From what I can tell the
outcomes vary widely depending on manufacturer, the box you are using
it with, filesystem types, and other quirky issues such as some
devices only mounting as read-only even when you tell it mount -o rw. 
 If you put in 'remount' into that line it may fool it into mounting
after all.

You may have trouble getting it mounted unless you follow the syntax
in /etc/fstab:

none /proc/bus/usb   usbdevfs  defaults 0 0 

Then mount -a should get it mounted for you.  Once you can mount it
(author uses something like /mnt/fob) then you should be able to dd
everything on there.  I think someone else replied to your post with
the dd syntax.

Also there is the issue of it being seen by Linux as a vfat partition.
 Hopefully you could mount and format it to ext3 prior to all of this.
 THis particular pen drive in the example happened to mount as
/dev/sda instead of /dev/sda1 or whatever number.  However he says
that many other USB drives show up as ATAPI removable drives,
basically like big floppy disks without any partitioning.

After the directory is written to the drive successfully, then it
_should_ boot,depending on your system's BIOS settings etc.  If it
doesn't boot on one system it may on another.   Hopefully things have
improved in the year since this article came out.

Good luck.  Let us know what specific problems you encounter from here on out.  


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