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Re: Fedora "auto logging-out" after updates?

Gustavo Seabra wrote:

After my last updates I noticed that, after leaving the computer incative for some time, when I come back I get the login screen again. I'm not sure wheter it logged out or the X crashed (how can I find out?). Does anyone knows what is causing this behaviour? I'm using KDE and the KDE login manager.

I had similar problems in FC2 running Gnome. Leaving the computer inactive with the screensaver running sometimes would log me out. I never figured out why, just guessed that maybe one of the GL screensavers somehow crashed and forced a logout.

I'm on FC3 now and the random logouts have not happened yet. For me, the random auto-logouts on FC2 were not associated with updates, and the computer actually auto-rebooted itself once, which was very disappointing. I installed FC3 soon after that happened.

All seems well on FC3 so far, but the screen still automatically suspends at 20 minute intervals after a fresh boot like it did in FC2. After about three times, this stops. This happened in FC2, but not FC1 and continues in FC3 for me. I've never figured out how to stop it. Also, the login screen left unattended for 20 minutes seems to mess up the display also.

Sorry to dump on your thread when I don't have any answers.


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