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Re: MP3 and DAT players

On Fri, 2004-12-17 at 05:16 +0000, santosh kumar wrote:
> Hello friends,
> I am a new user to fedora 3.
> I can  play neither mp3 songs nor videos (dat,mpeg,avi .......
> nothing).
> It says "can't play....unknown error".
> Plz someone help me.
> Thanking u in advance.
> san
	Well really you are most of the way there.

	XMMS was designed to play MP3's but redhat removed the plugin because
it is not open source and protected by patents, which if enforced would
cost them money.  In order for you replace the plugin... go to
rpm.livna.org and follow the instructions on setting up yum for whatever
version of FC you are using. including the installation of the PGP key
(don't worry it isn't hard).  Once you have done that, open a terminal
and type:

yum install xmms-mp3

a few minutes later you will have to press the Y key to signify you
really want to install the file after that you'll get a Success!! then
just fire up XMMS and listen away

for movies, I prefer mplayer (this van be got the same way just yum
install mplayer\* (the * is to install the complete suite).  I am pretty
sure xine is availavle on yum too also some gstreamer plugins to allow
helix player to work.  Try them all (you can always delete the files

Good luck


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