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Scanner add

Hi all,

I use FC3. I have purchased a Brother all-in-one machine (Fax, Scanner, Inkjet printer and Copier) integrated. Brother has released RPM drivers for these series of machine for Redhat platforms and it is downloadable from its web site. It is two separate RPMs for Scanner and Printer. (I think) I have downloaded and installed both, because however FC3 would detect this devide but proper device driver would not found and it didn't work at all. Now:
1. I can not find any utility to add scanner in FC3. Can anyone help ?
2. Is there any utility with FC3 to send and/or receive faxes with computer and not manually by using fax machine ?
3. When I installed drivers for Redhat (2 RPMs) nothing happend and no more device driver added. When I send something to it to print, it shows Receiving Data... but it stops and nothing prints. Can it be becuase of improper driver ?



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