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Re: Low internet speed

On Sat, 2004-12-18 at 18:43, Danesh Daroui wrote:
> Hi all,
> I am a FC3 user. I have connected a broadband internet CAT5 cable (8 
> Mbit/1 Mbit) to this system. Before FC3, I was using Windows XP and the 
> speed was fine, but when I installed FC3, the speed got low dramatically 
> ! The only change I have made is that I used a long cable (Maybe 8 m or 
> more) to connect that system to internet. Can it be a reason that could 
> increase the error rate ? I use a wireless LAN and can use a USB 
> wireless adapter but I am not sure if FC3 is compatible with wireless 
> networks or not, however it says it does. Have anyone any suggestions or 
> experience about this problem ?

Your 8m cable length is not an issue - is this a pre-made cable or one
you made?

Sounds like you might have a duplex mismatch - you can use "ifconfig -a"
and look for excessive errors - if you are connecting to a switch you
should see none - if you are using a hub a few errors are OK.

Check the speed on the Fedora end using "dmesg | grep eth0" to see it
it's 10-half, 10-full, 100-half or 100-full duplex - make sure your
switch is the same.

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