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Re: PCMCIA wireless cards....\'just works\'?

On Sun, 19 Dec 2004, cjlesh wrote:

Hey all:

I've been searching on google all day, and not finding the answer I'm looking for.

Is there a list of wireless pcmcia cards that 'just work' in Fedora core 3?

as I said before. any proxim orinoco gold card (802.11b) will just work and has since like 1998 (when it was the lucent wavelan gold).

No downloads, kernel recompiles, ndiswrappers, etc...I want to plug it into my laptop, and have it work.

That strikes me as a little lazy. To my mind the comparativly minor inconvenience of rebuilding the mad-wifi source rpm when you install a new kernel rpm is worth it to unlock the potential of an atheros a/b/g card.

If you have a card that 'just works', please post the name, model number, and revision in this thread. Maybe if there are enough responses this could become a FAQ?

it is a faq.

you can look at some commentary on many cards in the seattle wirelesss hardware comparison.



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