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Re: PCMCIA wireless cards....\'just works\'?

On Sun, 19 Dec 2004 08:48:37 -0800 (PST), Joel Jaeggli
<joelja darkwing uoregon edu> wrote:
> That strikes me as a little lazy. To my mind the comparativly minor2
> inconvenience of rebuilding the mad-wifi source rpm when you install a new
> kernel rpm is worth it to unlock the potential of an atheros a/b/g card.

I wouldn't  necessarily classify him as lazy.  Many of us who are
coming to Linux from other operating systems have an ingrained belief
that if the OS can handle something by default that it must be better.
 And while I understand that it is common for people in the Linux
world to recompile kernels and hack away at config files to get
something working, I would opt for a solution where it "just works." 
Being able to plug a card in and have it recognized gives a sense,
albeit potentially false, of all things being good and the likelihood
of a problem being reduced.

Just my $0.198376646.


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