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Re: Need help resizing LVM patition

Petr Novak wrote:

Hi Andrew,

you can try to pvmove all LVs allocated on /dev/hda4 to /dev/hdb2,
looks to me there is only problem with space for 10GB of LV, that you
can solve with resize_reisefs or resize2fs, then lvreduce. Then u can
remove /dev/hda4 from VG and end up with 35GB of free space on hda.

On Sun, 19 Dec 2004 18:08:41 -0600, Andrew Konosky
<TerranAce007 comcast net> wrote:

I have two 80gb hard drives, and use one ~35gb LVM physical volume on
/dev/hda4 and one ~75gb LVM physical volume on /dev/hdb2. My /boot
partition is /dev/hdb1 in ext3 and my / is mounted on
VolGroup00/LogVol00 in ext3 also. I want to reduce the 75gb hdb2 to free
up about 25gb so I can have room to install and try out some other linux

I have searched online for insructions, but all I can find is stuff on
resizing reiser and ext2 partitions. I am not sure if I need to resize
the LVM voume on hdb2 first, and then the filesystem, or if I do it the
other way around. What commands do I run to do this?

I want to end up with about 25gb free space to install Debian 3.1 on.
And also, how do I configure the grub bootloader for Debian? I would
like to keep Fedora's grub as is, and just add one entry for Debian that
launches a separate grub menu with Debian and its different kernel
versions. Would I just install grub on the new partition? What entry do
I make in Fedora's grub.conf?

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Can you describe in more detail how I would o this? I have been reading more stuff on LVM about replacing failed hard drives, and I have been considering doing exactly what you just suggested. Would I resize the ext3 filesystem by shriking it 35 gb first, then pvmove /dev/hda4, or the other way around?

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