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Re: General request .. Dismal performance of core 3 ..

On Mon, 2004-20-12 at 12:09 -0500, Sundara Pandian wrote:
> All,
> This is a general request to Fedora developers and administrators,
> Pl work on improving the performance of the OS, We were very disappointed in
> the
> core 3 performance, We have core 3 , suse9.1 and redhat es running on 3 seperate
> machines with same hardware.
> Core 3 is almost twice as slow as suse9.1 in terms of performance (boot,
> application startup, java performance, samba etc) ..I am sure there is always
> some way to tweak performance, but it would be great if it was made available
> out of the box.
> And before you guys say piss off, I am stating this for commercial viability of
> an OS for redhat itself as fedora is seen as the forerunner for things to show
> up in redhat products. 
> performance is the major selling points of an OS.
> Small business with 50-100 users form majority of linux users. Recently there
> was a big discussion to move to windows although all the Network engineering
> group was against it, we started testing Fedora, suse9.1 and Fedora turned out
> to be a big disappointment, we are running suse enterprise and suse 9.1 clients
> now.
> I hope this rubs the positive side of developers and all who manage this
> project.

Sometimes this tweaking you have to do yourself.

I tweaked my hard drive in my laptop and got over a 600% increase in

My drive reads went from 4 M/S to over 21M/s. Just from a few little

I'm not saying you will get that kind of increase for your system, but
you do have to work with it and learn it a bit before you start saying
it's slow.

And it's hard to compare apples to oranges.

If you have two completely same systems and one was slower, then you
could compare a bit better.


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