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Re: General request .. Dismal performance of core 3 ..

I will get on working some benchmarks, i am not just saying this out of the air
we decided to go with suse .

some real world situations like this is noticeable .

1. Working on Open office. StartUp/ working on it .
2. Searching for text in file across a particular directory with same number of
eg : find /backup -name *.dbf | xargs grep somestring

3. Samba Access time it takes to copy on huge folder from Linux server into a
windows client  (Similar config file)
4. General snappiness of opening applications(this is more of a user oriented
benchmark, just try opening nautilus in the 2 oses and then try opening the KDE
browser in the 2 oses, prolly a gnome vs kde architecture argument but still )

Quoting Ed Hill <ed eh3 com>:

> On Mon, 2004-12-20 at 12:09 -0500, Sundara Pandian wrote:
> > All,
> > This is a general request to Fedora developers and administrators,
> > Pl work on improving the performance of the OS, We were very disappointed
> in
> > the
> > core 3 performance, We have core 3 , suse9.1 and redhat es running on 3
> seperate
> > machines with same hardware.
> > Core 3 is almost twice as slow as suse9.1 in terms of performance (boot,
> Hi Sundara,
> Like a lot of Free and Open Source software, Fedora is a *community*
> project.  So in some very real sense you're much more likely to get more
> out of it if you can figure out how to put something useful into it.
> In that spirit, could you describe which benchmarks you've run and what
> the results were?  For instance, what basis are you using to decide that
> FC3 is "almost twice as slow"?
> If you'd really like to see this issue addressed, then you should create
> a *reproducible* benchmark that measures the things you care about and
> then work with people to figure out how to improve performance on that
> benchmark.
> Ed
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Sundara Pandian

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