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Re: General Samba Question

Bradley (FC2 List) wrote:

I have been trying to set up my Samba service on a workgroup with 5 windows
2000 professional boxes
and 1 win 98 box. I can connect to the win 98 box and two of the 2000 boxes
with no problem. On the
other three boxes I get "The folder contents could not be displayed", "You
do not have the permissions
to view the contents of  (Computer Name)".  All of the windows machines are
showing up in
"Windows Network".

 Can someone give me some advice on where to look for the difference
these connections? I have not been able to figure this one out.

The user policy in Win98 is not as strict as Win 2000. First, did you create your users on the samba server ( smbpasswd -a username )? If you have the same samba user name as the user name you are logged in with on the Win2K machine, and the passwords are the same, it should work if you have a correct smb.conf file and in the smb.conf file, you have:

encrypt passwords = yes

If this does not work after restarting smb (service smb restart), you might want to post your smb.conf file here (without the comments).

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