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Not to whine, but...

I recently posted a message to this list asking about an issue I'm having
with my network card functioning sporadically under the 2.6.x.SMP kernel. 
No responses.

I'm not upset about not receiving any responses, but I am curious: I've
Googled on this issue until my fingers bleed, and I've found that there
have been several other people who've experienced similar issues, but I
have found no solutions to date.  When I browse archives of other lists
where a similar problem is reported, no responses were offered there

Is this an insignificant problem?  Or simply so rare that there has been
no attention paid to it?  Did I ask my question badly and offend someone?

Richard S. Crawford (AIM: Buffalo2K)
http://www.mossroot.com   http://www.stonegoose.com/catseyeview
"We live as though the world were how it should be,
to show it what it can be."
--"Angel", Season 4 ep. 1

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