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Re: Linux Word Processors

Ryan D'Baisse wrote:
I'm trying to find a professional word processor for Linux without
using Crossover or Wine. I am simply not satisfied with OpenOffice. I write a lot of technical documents and need things such as
intelligent bulletting, table of contents functionality, etc. I do
not mind paying for the product.

I have tried finding Corel WordPerfect, but the Corel site has no
mention of Linux any longer.  I am downloading StarOffice v7.0 from
Sun's site, at the moment, but do not know of a single person who is
using it.

Any recommendations?
Have you looked at LyX 1.3.5?? A bit of a leanring curve (they call it a document processor as opposed to a mere word processor) and it's not wysiwyg. but very power and might be suitable to your work. It's free and comes with extensive documentation.


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