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Re: up2date broken

Am Di, den 21.12.2004 schrieb John Aldrich um 23:07:

> I think I broke my sources file for up2date. For some reason the RHN applet 
> tells me I have a bunch of updates to download, but when I run up2date, it 
> now says that everything is updated and I don't have any new files to update. 
> How do I fix this? I was trying to add a secondary mirror because the main 
> mirror kept giving me 404 errors trying to update (I know... if I wait 24 
> hours, I'll be able to download the updates, I just wasn't being patient! 
> <G>) and must have screwed up the config or something...

>  John

Edit /etc/sysconfig/rhn/sources and choose mirror servers of your
choice. See i.e.


for general instructions.


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