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Re: Hot to run a script upon connecting to the net

Am Mi, den 22.12.2004 schrieb Federico Tello Gentile um 5:31:

> A quick look at the archives did not answer my question.
> How can I run a script (with root permission) when I set up ppp0 with my 
> dial up account?
> I use the system-control-network tool to dial up. I see there is a up-ip 
> script in /etc/ppp/ but it is not being called.

If you establish your internet connection with ppp, then
/etc/ppp/ip-up[.local] is executed.

> Any simple way to start the firewall (i.e. run "firestarter start" as 
> root) when the connection is up?

Create /etc/ppp/ip-up.local with content

/path/to/firerstarter-binary start

Make it executable. Create too ip-down.local with same content but
exchange "start" with "stop".


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