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Re: graphic driver NVIDIA

On 12/22/2004 08:45:58 AM, Marcos-Fedora Brazil wrote:
When I try to install NVIDIA driver ( VIDIA-Linux-x86-1.0-6629- pkg1.run ) on FC3-681smp I get a message saying the kernel has built in a support for rivafb, and it may cause conflict

Don't use the .run file.
Head on over to http://rpm.livna.org/ and configure yum to use their repository, and then yum install their packaging of the NVidia driver.

Just an FYI - I had to remove it because it was bad for the system.
Tux Racer sure was nice, but a recursive grep on a large directory would segfault, and believe it or not - it was NVidia's fault (I'm not sure how, I'm not knowledgeable on kernel stuff, but that's what was concluded from a look at my dmesg output, and without their driver installed - grep doesn't segfault)

Also oddly enough - balsa sped up after removing the driver.

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