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RE: FC3: Nautilus Windows-hidden-share bug?

I just discovered something new and need to add this bit of
information in regards to this "bug" report...

When you install Fedora for the first time, it appears that
clicking the "Computer" icon results in a window being opened
without the "Location:" bar, i.e. in "Open" mode. Since this
"Open" mode is propgated to further child-windows until you
get to the window to open the hidden-shares via the control-L
method, this results the bug behavior as I reported.

I discovered that if you right-click the mouse over the "Computer"
icon and select the "Browse Folder" mode, the problem goes away when
you type in the hidden share desired in the "Location: " textbox because
the "Authenication" dialog box now appears so that you can provide
the login credentials in order to proceed.

Somehow, the "Authenication" dialog box is prevented from being launched
from the file "Open" mode or when the control-L is invoked within the
shared window area.


-----Original Message-----
From: Daniel B. Thurman 
Sent: Wednesday, December 22, 2004 6:27 PM
To: For users of Fedora Core releases
Subject: FC3: Nautilus Windows-hidden-share bug?

Hi Folks,

I note, that for FC3, the Nautilus for windows has a behavior
such that when I try to access the hidden shares, it hangs
forever. Even if you try to go back to the Network Window and
open another server, regardless of what it is.  You have to
locate the Nautilus process and kill it so that you can open
another system for it's shared resources.

Here are the steps to duplicate it:

1) Open "Computer" icon and a 'Network' window pops up.

2) Open a windows server (2000/XP, for which there
are no public shares) which I called "Jupiter" and a
new window with title: 'Windows Network: Jupiter on Jupiter'
pops up and after finding no public shares after some time, 
an error dialog message box pops up.

3) The Error Dialog Message says:
'Folder Contents could not be displayed
 You do not have tge permissions necessary to
 view the contents of "Windows Network: Jupiter"

4) Click the "Ok" button and dialog box goes away
but 'Windows Network: Jupiter on Jupiter' window remains.
In this window, type: Control-L and another dialog box pops up,
showing the title: 'Open Location':
' Open Location
  Location: smb://Jupiter
  Cancel  Open

5) In the 'Open Location' dialog box, type in the hidden share as:
' Open Location
  Location: smb://Jupiter/c$
  Cancel  Open
and then mouse-click the 'Open' folder icon

6) At this point, the 'Open Location' dialog opens a
new window with title: 'c$ on Jupiter' and if the windows
cursor is inside this window, the hour-glass remains running
forever, i.e. hangs and ties down the Nautilus process and
prevents any network shared system to be opened in the 'Network'
window.  In order to open a new shared server, locate the running
Nautilus process and kill it.

Is this a bug or what?

Best regards,

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