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Fixing repositories in FC3 after update from FC2

I've just installed FC3 and my first comment must be "WTF!?" :P

It's a bit messy looking, but at least my toppanel looks right again, but how do I get apt-get and synaptic to work on FC3 and how should I update the up2date repositories - they're still linking to FC2-repositories... (as I can see in etc/sysconfig/rhn/sources)

I tried to look at fedora.us but I just got more confused, so if any out here knows what to do to fix this, then I'll be happy - 'coz I'm not too happy right now :S

Another thing : How do I modify the names appearing in my mainmenu?

"System Tools" (in danish: "Systemværktøjer") shows up as "Systemvrktjer" and "Preferences" (in danish: "Præferencer") shows up as "Prferencer" - funny enough it's not consistent - some menuitems shows the special danish letters AE, Oslash, Aring (Æ Ø Å) - but some of them (as "Systemvrktjer" and "Prferencer") shows up very wrong.

Kind regards,
Kristian Poul Herkild

BTW: What's up with rpm.livna.org ?? Can't connect to it as it is and this has been a problem for like one day :S

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