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Re: Request of procedure to complie the kernel...

Wong Kwok-hon wrote:


I have used Linux since RH9 to FC3 for 6 months but I don't know how
to complie the kernel because I can't find any clear procedure to do
that. And I noticed that kernel 2.6 is changed and some steps needn't.

I am new in complie the kernel because I just install the rpm before.
And due to my USB harddisk shown the buffering error shown from
kernel. So I may need to re-complie the kernel to fix it.

And I saw someone posted some steps of complie a custom kernel of
2.6.x as follows:

I read from a magazine as ------------------------------------------------
1. Unpack sources into /usr/src/
2. make xconfig
3. make menuconfig
4. make
5. make modules_install
6. make install
7. reboot the machine


Someone posted as
1. Unpack sources into /usr/src/
2. make
3. make modules
4. make modules_install
5. make install
6. reboot the mahine

Which one is the right way ?
Would it become rpm? And how about to become a rpm ?
How to remove the error kernel if failed ?

Thanks for helping me first because they make me mixed.
And sorry for my english is poor.


the procedure for making a new kernel is :

un pack kernel new
if this a patch for the kernel-old , you can apply  that :

gzip -cd ../patch-2.6.xx.gz | patch -p1

bzip2 -dc ../patch-2.6.xx.bz2 | patch -p1

i make my new kernel with that :

ln -sf  /usr/src/linux-Version /usr/src/linux
cd  /usr/src/linux

make xconfig ( or other config option )


according to your config you make your kernel with :
make depend
make module
make modules_install
make install

at this moment if you reboot your computer your bzimage is not updated ,
for lilo , check the /etc/lilo.conf
and make a new started line with the old starter
cmd :  lilo

cp ../linux/arch/i386/boot/bzImage /boot

else see the doc on kernel.org ( or search on the net : howtow kernel )



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