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Re: FC3 Suspend Problem on Laptop

Quoting Michael Scottaline <nbhs2 i-2000 com>:

> On Tue, 28 Dec 2004 19:25:34 -0600
> Fritz Whittington <f whittington att net> insightfully noted:
> <snippage>
> FW>>Moment of truth, "apm -s" in a terminal session.  Laptop
> suspends.
> FW>>Looking good.  Hit power button and screen returns to where it
> was.
> FW>>Looks right.  BUT -- I have no prompt and cannot execute any
> commands.
> FW>
> FW>>I can hit enter and the curser moves.  I can even type.  But it's
> like
> FW>>my shell isn't doing anything.
> FW>>
> FW>>Any ideas?
> FW>>
> FW>>Thanks in advance for any help.
> FW>>
> FW>>MWood
> FW>>
> FW>>
> FW>>
> FW>How about a ctrl-c to quit the apm program so you can get the
> prompt
> FW>back?
> ===================================
> Good suggestion.  Fritz might also "try apm -s &".  Then hitting the
> enter
> key /should/ return his prompt (I think... ;-) )
> Mike

Thanks for the ideas.  I did a little more playing around and found that
neither ctrl-c or the apm -s & work.  For some reason, it's as though my
command interpreter is just out to lunch.

If I do manage to switch to another terminal session (happened a couple
times, but not always) using <ctrl>+<alt>+F2, I can log in as root but
cannot execute anything.  Same problem.  It seems the kernel isn't
awake and working or something.

Do you think I have to re-compile the kernel for my particular laptop
support?  I know Dell can be weird about this stuff.  If so, how do I
go about downloading the source through yum?

Thanks for all the help.  I really do appreciate it!


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