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FC3 + EXT3 Journal problems on thinkpad


I have run Core 1 and Core 2 on my thinkpad 600x without any major problems but have run into problems with Core 3.
I have an IBM Thinkpad 600x with a 20gig drive.

My first installation ran ok for about a day until I the EXT3 journal got corrupted and the file system was re-mounted read-only. I couldn't get the machine to reboot, just got a kernel panic message. I reinstalled and updated all packages including the kernel. This time the installation lasted a few days longer until just now when I got messages that mentioned 'trying to write past end of device', 'ext3 journal aborted'. I can't paste the exact messages in until I can remount the drive and recover some logs.

I haven't given anyone anything much to go on here, but maybe someone could help point me in the right direction? Maybe Core 3 is just not going to work on this thinkpad or maybe it could be faulty hardware?



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