Santavy Peter peter at
Sun Feb 8 14:20:55 UTC 2004

Hi Peter,

you need to do (not the only solution):

1. to get the next files:


2. to copy the files into


3. to modify the dictionary.lst as follows:

DICT sk SK sk_SK
HYPH sk SK hyph_sk_SK

4. now you can set the openoffice option
Nastroje->Volby->Nastavenie jazyka->Jazyky



> hi,
> I  will ask you which file and where I must copy if I want that the spell check in Slovak will work in openoffice 1.1 which was distribute in Fedora Core 1.
> peter
 Peter Santavy
 peter at

I have been using legal software -> I have been using free software
Open source - for free and legally

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