cyrus under Fedora

Steve Hanson shanson at
Thu Jan 15 13:30:29 UTC 2004

James Holobetz wrote:
> I am having numerous problems trying to get cyrus to run on 
> Fedora...anybody got any suggestions; First i tried installing the 
> latest DB4 from sleepycat but it would compile against it but link 
> against the old one no matter how I tried to redirect the include and 
> lib files. then i tried letting it just find the one that is on FC1 
> which is good enough (db4-4.1.25.-14) everything compiles and runs but 
> when i try to connect it produces an error in  the log that DBERROR db4: 
> Berkeley DB library configured to support only DB_PRIVATE 
> environments...this is on the redhat bugfix list as an error on non nptl 
> kernels-- but i am using the latest updated kernel. lil help plz
I have to chime in with the others on this - Even if you're going to 
make some heavy modifications to how you build Cyrus, it's a huge help 
to start out with Simon's source RPMs and then modify them. Cyrus is a 
painful package to get running properly, but it really does the job once 
you're there.

Just curious - how big of a user base are you supporting with this? 
Linux can be a little difficult to tweak for performance if you're 
shipping a lot of email in.  If you have some problems let me know - I 
support a pretty big email environment in Cyrus on Linux.

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