Making an updated DVD.

Bevan C. Bennett bevan at
Fri Jan 16 17:43:13 UTC 2004

>>> Does anyone know a howto on creating a updated installation DVD (or 
>>> CD's) from the original tree and downloaded update packages. I've 
>>> been looking around on the internet, but I can't seem to find it.
>>> If there's no howto any other help is welcome as well.

CDs can be a little complicated, since you have to split up your RPMS 
into CD-sized chunks.

It's fairly straightforward, however, to create an updated installation 
directory, from which you can do network installs or (I presume) make a 
new DVD.

$DIST is the directory with your Fedora Core distribution.

1) Replace updated RPMs under $DIST/Fedora/RPMS with their new, updated 
versions. (A script to do this intelligently is left as an exercise for 
the reader, although autoupdate 
[] includes that 
functionality in it's --merge function and, being perl, could have it 
easily extracted.

2) install the anaconda-runtime package

3) regenerate your hdlist
# /usr/lib/anaconda-runtime/genhdlist --productpath Fedora $DIST

That's it!

Oh, and here's a HOWTO I found while typing this up:

For the other posters, what we want/need is an installation CD that just 
installs the updated versions right up front, so that when we're 
installing many many systems, we don't have to waste time logging into 
each one afterwards and updating it.

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