LWCE Fedora Chat

leam leam at reuel.net
Thu Jan 22 10:57:41 UTC 2004

Not bad for a Wednesday evening. Here's what I can remember at 0530 the 
morning after.

Several illustrious Red Hat folks were there, most of whom I completely 
missed their names. Apologies for any misspellings. Notable in his 
passionate emphasis on Fedora Team structure, Tom "Spot" Calloway 
carried a bit of the time without dominating or preaching. Well, a 
little preaching but no Red Hat Bible thumping. Well....

Tom seems dedicated to spurring Red Hat into building a solid Fedora 
Community Team *without* the complete dominance of Red Hat personell. 
Mention this to Tom if you're interested.

Havoc Pennington shared his thoughts, and for those of us who don't 
normally see the personality or hear of the issues that never make a 
public appearence it was interesting. Didn't drop any bomb shells nor 
slam anyone, but it *is* nice to know the amount of work and challenge 
required to keep the ivory tower spiffy.

Michael Tiemann gave some honest answers to questions raised, even 
showing some of the thought processes behind some decisions made by Red 
Hat. His words carried the depth of conviction and he was there when Tom 
was making his pitch for the Fedora Team. Since Red Hat owns that action 
item, we can look for progress to be made. Assuming he doesn't keep 
deleting Spots e-mail. Sorry, in joke. Nevermind.....

Various discussions were held, Eric Raymond showed up for a few minutes, 
and we nattered about diverse opinions. It was great to see some people 
who identified themselves as newbies or end users--I'm glad they feel 
comfortable enough to join and everyone made them welcome. Michael T. 
gets the award for 'longest single answer' though the guy behind me won 
the 'simple question that stirred up the most debate'. :)

As the coffee hasn't kicked in I'll end before I blather. Others can 
contribute their perceptions and probably give a better overall view.

And yes, Tammy Fox or someone willing to wear her name tag to a Fedora 
meeting was there. She was receptive to prodding about the Fedora list 
and should get more done when LWCE settles in the dust.



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