openoffice fails to display international characters

lityi at lityi at
Tue Jun 1 13:11:01 UTC 2004

I have just installed FC2 and tried to use openoffice with different keymaps 
(actually I tried Hungarian and Czech in detail). None of them works properly, 
 instead it yields funny characters if you press a key with ASCII code above 
127. However if you copy e.g. an ö or é from another X application, the pasted 
character is OK. The same happens in kde and gnome too. I have also tried on 
different hardware (PCs), the result is the same.
Any openoffice apps works in the same (wrong)way. I attach an X window dump 
showing some Hungarian characters. The correct ones are copied and pasted from 
another window.

Janos Lichtenberger

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