nvidia - kernel (2.6.6) compile causes fc2 to crash

Christian Schlaefcke cschlaefcke at wms-network.de
Wed Jun 2 12:23:52 UTC 2004

>> isn´t this funny? Doing it like described above it works (has to be
>> "menuconfig" by the way)! The last kernel I build myself was a 2.4.x
>> where I was used to run:
>> make xconfig/menuconfig
>> make
>> make dep
>> make modules
>> make modules install
>> and finally make zImage/bzImage
> Hmm,  I just read the Kernel Readme and "make" should do it, I will try
> this
> next time I rebuild, FYI make dep is not needed anymore with 2.6.x
>> What´s the difference in runnning make bzImage directly? And what causes
>> my machine to crash, when I do it the wrong way (is it a bug?)?
> Good question, I will see if i can reproduce this on the next kernel
> update,
> 2.6.7 is out soon, perhaps someone else here has seen this.
As 2.6.6 shows up some other problems (hda:lost interrupt, acpi/apic
problems) I was pointed by another thread at google to try the 2.6.7rc2. This
seems to work pretty good now.

Thank you!


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