[OT] Sender Authentication by list members (was) Fwd: Re: Weird process behavior

Phil Schaffner P.R.Schaffner at IEEE.org
Wed Jun 2 19:04:16 UTC 2004

On Wed, 2004-06-02 at 07:54 -0500, dalen wrote:
> Andy Green wrote:
> > On Wednesday 02 June 2004 08:59, Sandip Bhattacharya wrote:
> >>Is it fair to subject members of a list to sender authenticated
> >>verifications? Is this considered polite by list members?
> > 
> > No, it sucks.  Plus the filtering service clearly needs an upgrade to look at 
> > the sending mail server and list headers rather than the From field.\

Seems like a no-brainer if they want to stay in business.

> > 
> > Of course Bruce Morrow won't see this opinion since I refuse to whitelist 
> > myself ;-)

Well, he SHOULD have seen my opinion as I did go to the whitelist page,
even though it took multiple attempts, to make sure he was informed of
the problem, and Cc'd him directly on "Anti-Spam Spam (was Re: Re: Grub
Reinstall Problem!!!)".  No response, so maybe he's either too
embarrassed or doesn't give a hoot.

> I have asked the fedora list admin to drop Bruce Morrow from the list 
> for this reason.

Just deserts.


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