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Doug Brott brott at
Thu Jun 3 17:29:12 UTC 2004

Rodolfo J. Paiz wrote:

> At 09:17 6/3/2004, Mark Haney wrote:
>> Yeah I suppose that would help huh?  Actually I have a FC2 mail server
>> that I want to use as the mail server for two domains, and
>>  Does that make a little better sense?
> Yes, lots! <grin>
> It's remarkably easy. Just remember that Sendmail is not the only 
> piece involved when you're troubleshooting.
>         1. First make sure that forward and reverse DNS works properly 
> for both FQDN's and that they both resolve to your server. They can be 
> on the same or different IP addresses, it does not matter.
>         2. Make sure that DNS is set up with A records, and ***NOT*** 
> with CNAME records. The MX records necessary to direct mail to your 
> server ***WILL NOT*** work with CNAMEs.
>         3. Make sure that each domain has an MX record pointing to 
> your server.
>         4. Add both domain names to /etc/mail/local-host-names (one 
> domain per line).
>         5. Restart sendmail.
> Done! (Hopefully I didn't forget any steps.)
> You may also want to look at the virtusertable in order to more easily 
> assign email addresses, aliases, and other neat functionality for both 
> domains. It's just as easy to work with.

You will need to use the virtusertable (as Rodolfo mentions) to have 
usernames that are different per domain.  It is likely that the 
following is true in your case:

user at is the same as user at

If that is *NOT* true, then you need to use virtusertable functionality 
to make the proper distinction.

Doug Brott
brott at

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