dovecot, imap, maildir and subfolders

Bill Smithem fedora-list at
Fri Jun 4 00:24:46 UTC 2004

Eliot Stock wrote:

>I have Fedora Core 2 and dovecot- I've done nothing to configure it
>but it seems to have found the Mail dir in my home directory ok and I can
>connect using IMAP. But I can't create subfolders, at least in Mozilla
>If I right click on inbox, there's a 'New Folder...', but if I create one then
>right click on it, no more 'New Folder...'. So it seems folders can only go one
>level deep.
>I know I can do this with Cyrus IMAP and I thought I read somewhere you can do
>it with dovecot. Is it even the IMAP server that's the limiting factor here? Or
>the mail storage format?
>While we're on the subject, can dovecot + Maildir handle both mail and
>subfolders within a folder?
>Eliot Stock.
I have no problem with the default configuration at all.  Other than 
opening up the firewall to allow access from the other machines on the 
network, I didn't have to change a thing, worked right out of the box.

Yes, dovecot can have messages and subfolders within a folder.


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