FC1 -> FC2 Update: DISASTER!!!

Dan Thurman danthurman at postman.net
Fri Jun 4 14:51:58 UTC 2004

Hi Jonathan,

I would have expected that SOMEWHERE that GNOME or respective
upgrades programs should have taken care of installation issues
like this so that less geek people can continue their business
without grief. Do we ALL have to become linux experts to fix things
that otherwise could be taken care of?  I don't have TIME to read the
RTFM's to get a CLUE where I should start when things go wrong.

I would *expect* linux to be a *PROFESSIONALLY* built product with
performance tuning, sound configured *automatically*, etc., etc.,
but hey... someone has to get paid to support the otherwise lack of
professionalism? Don't get me wrong.  This is my wish list. If Linux
is ever going to replace M$ as the desktop, then professionalism should
be expected and required. That is why M$ wins hands down (never mind
the other well-known secret OS hooks, secret snooping, or vaporware
program promises or other "sins" M$ did and perhaps continues to do.)

Just my humble opinion.


On Fri, 04 Jun 2004 10:33:57 +0100, Jonathan Rawle wrote
> Dan Thurman wrote:
> > I found that if I BLOW AWAY the /tmp files and BLOW AWAY my
> > personal account and make a clean account,  I was able to get
> > the GNOME start up to come back to it's senses so now I am back
> > in the game with the FC1->FC2 upgrade.  I have yet to find what
> > other places/pieces are broken (if any).
> Gnome (and KDE) have both moved up a major version, and in that case 
> you'd usually expect to start again with clean settings by moving 
> the .gnome2 or .kde directory. I know this wouldn't resolve other 
> problems such as sound, but it's a necessary procedure when updating 
> the version of your desktop.
> Jonathan
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