FC1 -> FC2 Update: DISASTER!!!

Dan Thurman danthurman at postman.net
Fri Jun 4 15:17:26 UTC 2004


I think so far the problem I had experienced with GNOME and KDE
had to do with files that were "left behind" (in /tmp) from FC1
that caused or seriously prevented GNOME/KDE to start cleanly.

There were *many* error messages that popped up and all to the
effect that it could not start any of the programs it was trying
to run (I dont recall all but I did left a clue to one of them
in the previous post.)  What was noted that these "left befind"
files affected all user logins from root to normal users and the
main part is that the MetaCity icons burpped to many duplicate
icons then after a long time started to try to start the other
setup icons (within metacity (gnome)).  As for KDE, one particular
error message stated something along: Stale NFS link or something
to that effect as I don't recall the specific message.  This gave
me a strong clue that the/tmp files was the cause.

A respondee to this thread pointed out that it was "understood"
that pre-preparations were needed before upgrading from FC1 to
FC2, i.e. to blow away the /tmp files as well as the .gnome2
directory in the user home area.  That was new to me.  He stated
that the changes from FC1 to FC2 is significant to warrant removal
of these files.  I wondered why FC2 did not perform the 'cleanups'
as I thought it should have.  But that is another story.  See my
responses in that thread.

As for the sound card...  I am still looking into this.  I have
to read the RTFM to get a clue of the new arrangement of the sound
files and note that the RH sndconfig does not work.  I have tried
the normal RH configuration as well as the ALSA setup paths to no
avail.  Will try again tonight and let you (or this site) know.

thanks for responding.


On Fri, 04 Jun 2004 07:13:54 +0100, Paul wrote
> Hi,
> > I found that if I BLOW AWAY the /tmp files and BLOW AWAY my
> > personal account and make a clean account,  I was able to get
> > the GNOME start up to come back to it's senses so now I am back
> > in the game with the FC1->FC2 upgrade.  I have yet to find what
> > other places/pieces are broken (if any).
> Okay, from the top what are the problems you're having? Sorry for asking
> this, but I haven't followed this thread very much.
> Paul
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