smb:// Not showing anything???

Nicholas Ruddick nicholasruddick at
Fri Jun 4 15:49:01 UTC 2004

Nicholas Ruddick wrote:

> I've discovered that in FC2 if i do smbclient -L localhost -N it does 
> not show what the master server is however if I do the same under FC1 
> it does. The master server is a redhat 7.3 box. Something seriously 
> wrong. The master server is required to show server lists. It's broke. 
> Any ideas?
> Nicholas Ruddick
Ah tracked this down to being that iptables default firewall rules don't 
let master server broadcasts through. Turning off iptables make 
smbclient -L localhost -N show that the master server is being 
recognised as the master server, but STILL Network Servers or smb:// do 
not show any clients. I'm baffled....

Nicholas Ruddick

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