FC1 -> FC2 Update: DISASTER!!! - (not really)

Jim Cornette jim-cornette at insight.rr.com
Sat Jun 5 01:25:51 UTC 2004

Timothy Murphy wrote:

>Jim Cornette wrote:
>>I do think that my clean install system was the best setup version.
>>Fresh installations seem to have lower problems, no old config files to
>>worry about.
>I find that an extraordinary comment.
>Surely it is much easier to "worry about" old config files
>than it is re-create them all from scratch.
On the system that was freshly installed, the sound worked and was setup 
to a decent level, k3b would burn dvd's with simple selection. Also, I 
didn't have to change any config file. If I want to add multimedia 
packages from a repostory somewhere, this should be a minor task.

With an upgrade, I have to raise the volume levers every time that I 
want sound to work. I really haven't tried many other features on the 
upgraded systems. Multimedia from repositories does seem to need 
corrected with the upgraded installation.

If I had to carry over config fles for things like pcmcia or had mail 
servers, http and ftp services configured, it would be a real pain.

Sorry for the comment, I guess most people had to do serious work on 
setting up things in the configuration files with much grief.



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