Ugly fonts whith Core2

Patrice Brockhaus patrice at
Sat Jun 5 19:28:12 UTC 2004

Am Samstag, 5. Juni 2004 14:34 schrieb Dylan Parry:

> > Does no one here experience fonts whith core 2 being very ugly? Here
> > they are as unreadable
> FC2 changed the way in which fonts are rendered. 

In which way?

>The old way now results
> in ugly looking fonts in some applications that don't support the new way,

I thought fonts aren't rendered by apps themselves but by freetype or Xft.

> but if you are experiencing ugly fonts in all your apps (including the
> desktop itself) 

Yes, I do.

>then perhaps it is due to you having installed new fonts?
> Have you installed any new fonts, and if so how did you install them?

Yes I did, but this issue existed up from the first boot of core2. I tried to 
install ms-fonts and experienced the same problem as whith core 1: After 
installing ms-fonts several web-pages are shown in a ugly font which is not 
configured whether in KDE-conrolcenter nor in konqueror or mozilla. In core2 
this font clearly shows stairs and causes my eyes to hurt. Removing ms-fonts 
made this issue disappear in core1 in core2 not.

Can you explain the difference in mozilla-settings between proportional, 
serif, sans-serif, cursive, fixed fonts? When is one of those specific fonts 
Why are there only so few fonts available for "proportional" in mozilla and 
for "fixed" in KDE-control-center?
And why are my fonts under /usr/X11R6/lib/X11/fonts/TTF marked active and 
visible in KDE-controlcenter|system administration but are not electable in 
KDE-controlcenter|appearance|fonts nor in apps? This is the same in core1 and 

I install/uninstall fonts simply by moving them to /usr/share/fonts and make 
them available to KDE in KDE-Control.


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