Do we need /etc/modules.conf in FC2?

James Wilkinson james at
Sun Jun 6 21:52:11 UTC 2004

Richard E Miles wrote:
> It seems that FC2 uses /etc/modprobe.conf to start modules and not 
> /etc/modules.conf. Can we get rid of /etc/modules.conf?

Yes, you can get rid of it. A fresh install shouldn't have
modules.conf at all.

(That's if you're not planning to try to run 2.4 kernels.)

Of course, it's normally a good plan to rename files and run for a bit
to check that they really aren't needed. I like to use my initials for
this (e.g. modules.conf -> modules.conf.jpw): that way, I know that I
renamed the file manually, not some upgrade program.



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