Unable to install FC2 on HP DL140

soliday at aps.anl.gov soliday at aps.anl.gov
Sun Jun 6 21:54:03 UTC 2004

The Hewlett Packard proliant DL140 server does not have a floppy or a cdrom drive. So I attempeted to install FC2 using the PXE network install option.. I was able to connect to another server hosting the installation files but after the selecting "English" and a "US" keyboard it said I needed a network driver to continue. These machines use the Broadcom tg3 driver which I selected but the installation did not continue but instead just asked for another network driver. I then tried to use a usb memory stick with the diskboot.img and a NFS install and it stopped at the same point. Next I went out and bought a ucb cdrom drive which I booted from. I selected to install from the local cdrom and it asked for a driver to do this. I selected the usb mass storage driver to no avail. I ended up installing Redhat 9. It was able to find the ethernet controllers and the usb cdrom drive. I next copied the FC2 ISO images to the hard drive and managed to install FC2 using these ISOs. Unfor!
tunately it did not find my ethernet controllers.

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