KPPP with Fedora Core 2

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Sun Jun 6 22:29:05 UTC 2004

--- Clyde Wilson <clydew at> wrote:
> I just installed Fedora Core 2 and I can't get kppp
> to work.  It executes and connects...but then
> nothing.  I've been using kppp for a long time. 
> Last week I used it with Core 1, so I suspect
> something has changed.  Any help would be
> appreciated!
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hard to tell what happens from the info you give.
however, if it connects and you get an IP-address
assigned i guess it does not change the default route
(it does not on my machine).
after you have been connected, press the details
button in the window with the two buttons (details and
exit). it will show you a load meter and a few
IP-addresses. copy the remote IP-address (called
REMOTEIP below).
then as root, run:
route del default; route add default gw REMOTEIP

to restore to your orignal router:
route del default; route add default gw

( or whatever router you use).


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