fedora core 2 sore spots

Matt Morgan matt.morgan-fedora-list at brooklynmuseum.org
Mon Jun 7 20:02:26 UTC 2004

On 06/07/2004 03:23 PM, dsyates wrote:

> Other than that, I can't find much to complain about. Is anyone else 
> havng problems with xscreensaver?
I have an xscreensaver problem I've been too lazy to write in about 
(until now). Although I don't think it's the same as yours (hard to 
tell)--sorry if this constitutes thread hijacking, but it's at least on 
a similar subject.

First, although I have KDE running, I startup xscreensaver without KDE's 
interface in ~/.kde/Autostartup/xscreensaver.desktop, which looks like this:

[Desktop Entry]

Then I can use xscreensaver-demo to configure the screensaver, which 
gives me the ability to have the screensaver kick in after one idle 
minute, but not lock the screen until two minutes have passed. Which I'm 
pretty sure KDE's interface doesn't allow. (The other part of this setup 
is to go into KDE's interface and tell it never to start up a screensaver.)

Here's the problem: unless I'm typing, I"m "idle." That is, mouse 
activity alone does not always look like activity to xscreensaver. If 
I'm reading a web page and scrolling with the wheel on my mouse, 
xscreensaver kicks in after a minute. If I click inactive parts of the 
screen, that doesn't help. If I click on links, or use the mousebutton 
to grab the thumb of the scrollbar, or if I type on the keyboard into a 
field on a form, that helps (that is, the screensaver does not kick in).

Is this normal? Shouldn't scrolling with the wheel be seen as activity, 
not idleness?


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