fedora core 2 sore spots

dsyates dsyates at mindspring.com
Mon Jun 7 20:20:17 UTC 2004

alan wrote:
 >>Which problem are you having?

 >>The one where xscreensaver sends X into an infinite timer loop or the 
 >>one where the machine just locks tight and freezes?
 >>I see the infinite timer loop issue once in a great while on the nv
 >>driver, but never the lockup.  With the nvidia driver I get lockups 
 >>about once a week.

I'm not sure. I do know that withe the nvidia driver in previous 
releases, the machine would lock up. When I first experienced a problem 
with xscreensaver in fc2, I assumed it was a machine lock up; it may 
have been the other though. What are the symptoms of the infinite timer 
loop problem? Either way, in both cases I have found that selecting 
blank screen only from the xscreensaver preferences allows me to avoid 
the problem altogether. Still a shae though. I don't have this problem 
on my debian boxes (I'm not using nvidia drivers/hardware on those boxes 
either though)

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